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India restricts exports of 26 APIs and preparations

  1. 限制出口的清单(见附件),以及英文新闻链接

    • The Indian Government said there were enough stocks to manufacture formulations for up to three months
    • The export restriction list includes several antibiotics, the hormone progesterone and vitamin B12
    • It is unclear how the restriction would impact the availability of these medicines in countries that import from India 
  2. 限制出口的原因:受疫情影响,需要优先供应印度国内 Reasons for export restrictions: Affected by the corona-virus, Priority is given to protecting the domestic market

  3. 对中国及其他国家的影响 Impact on China and other countries & areas

    • 据外媒报道,部分关键原料药已经上涨10% – 50% According to foreign media reports, some key APIs have risen by 10%-50%
    • 全球需求急剧增长,中国企业产能还没有完全恢复,中国的原料药及中间体涨价已成定局 Global demand has increased sharply, however Manufacture industry in China has not yet fully recovered, under such, Prices of APIs & intermediates in China will be keep rising.
    • 对于中国的制剂厂来讲,原料药涨价,但制剂价格受限制不能上涨,有可能亏本甚至停产,中国近九千药品面临成本危机 the price of APIs has risen, but the price of preparations in China cannot be rised due to restrictions, It may be at a loss or even stop production. Nearly 9,000 drugs (preparations) in China are facing a cost crisis.

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