Sodium Cromoglycate [CAS#15826-37-6]

Sodium Cromoglycate

  • CAS# 15826-37-6
  • Category: API
  • Usage: antiallergic
  • Standard: USP39
  • Certificate: ISO9001/ISO14001/DML/DMF/FDA

    Main Items Specifications
    Appearance White,odorless,crystalline powder
    Solubiltiy Soluble in water; insoluble in alcohol and chloroform
    Identification A、B in pass
    Acidity or alkalinity In pass
    Related substances 0.5% MAX
    Limit of Oxalaet 0.35% MAX
    Water 10% MAX
    Residue on ignition Ethanol 0.5% MAX
    Heavy metals 0.002% MAX
    Assay 98.0 ~ 101.0 %
    Conclusion Complies with USP39

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