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Remdesivir intermediate and API-Chuming Pharmaceutical Limited

Remdesivir intermediate and API


Now we are supplying Remdesivir intermediate (CAS#1355357-49-1 and 1354823-36-1) and API for research, if there is anyon...

Covid-19 testing kit-Chuming Pharmaceutical Limited

Covid-19 testing kit


Glad to inform you that our source of Covid-19 testing kits get approval of FDA, CE, TGA certificates. Kindly let us kno...

Update product List 2020


Please download our Update product List 2020 in PDF version. Please contact us freely if you have any interest, thank yo...

PCMX is available-Chuming Pharmaceutical Limited

PCMX is available


Please send to If interested in, thanks.

Intermediats of Favipiravir


Intermediats of Favipiravir are available, CAS# are as follows 259793-88-9 6-Bromo-3-hydroxypyrazine-2-carboxamide 35678...

D-Phenylalanine (CAS#673-06-3)-Chuming Pharmaceutical Limited

D-Phenylalanine (CAS#673-06-3)


D-Phenylalanine (CAS#673-06-3) with high quality & good price, looking forward to your inquiry by email: exp@chuming...